Saturday, April 28, 2018

Mom got a new table

Mom's card table was a temporary fix.  That happened about two years ago.  I had discussions with my siblings and we were concerned about the flimsiness of the table.  Mom uses a walker and she "cruises" along the table to get to her walker.  It does not take much imagination to realize that it is going to collapse and take mom with it one of these days.

A bottom view of the new table.  No folding legs.  The directions suggested two adults and 30 minutes.  It took one adult fifteen minutes.  The key is to loose assemble first and then tighten the screws in steps.

The new table.  Mrs ERJ was instrumental in choosing THIS ONE based on reading reviews.

We added a tool pouch beneath the table for pens, remotes and other necessities.  We will have to find a more convenient place to mount it.

The new table is about an inch taller than the old table.  I don't know if that is a plus or a minus.  The clear disadvantage is that it has a sharper corner which might be a fall risk.

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