Sunday, April 8, 2018

End of Life Planning

I had an interesting meeting with my siblings.

End of Life Planning is most stressful when the couple is in strong disagreement.  One partner might think, "Brew me a fresh pot of coffee and if the smell doesn't bring me around...then let me go." while the other might favor every trick known to medical science.  The problem is when the coffee lover is not able to advocate for him/herself.

During the course of the evening I heard the story of how my sister bought a cemetery plot.  She was driving down Willow Street when the whim struck her.  She turned into a cemetery.  Yes, they did have some plots available down by the river.

My sister wanted to see the plots.  The office person accompanied her to make sure my sis found the exact plots.

My sis got out of the car and laid down on the plot.

The office person was horrified.  "What are you doing?!?!?"

Sis said, "I am checking out the view."

Sis said it was very peaceful.  You could hear the swish of the wind through the pine trees, you could hear squirrels, you could hear the gurgle of the river.

"Nobody does that." the office person said.

"Why not?  Don't you sell caskets with backup cameras?" Sis asked.

The woman from the  office person calmed down enough to sell Sis a few plots but it took her a while to get un-weirded out.

Way to go, Sis!

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