Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Grumbling about lost tools

I loaned out some of my tools to a few of Kubota's buddies the other day.

They all came back, except my last pair of loppers.

I have text messages out asking them to look in the back of their trucks but I have little hope of them coming back home.

I may have to break down and spend a little bit of money.


  1. Having invested quite a bit in tool purchases and maintenance, I can say that I never loan out a tool that I hvaen't already said 'goodbye' to. And I never let anyone slide on not returning a tool, I take prisoners, name & shame. But I also make it clear up front that it's just a loan, and it's on penalty of replacement.

    1. I found the loppers the third time I went looking for them. They were in the woods. Beneath a tarp. With logs stack on the tarp.

      It was the ONLY place I had not looked.

      Aggie, I like your style.


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