Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Rehabilitating an old picnic table

A picnic table I fished out of a trash dumpster.
The top was wobbly because the diagonal braces that went from the bent, tubular legs to the table top had broken.

A couple of pieces of 3/4" galvanized conduit and five bolts later...

...it was...

...better than new.

I used a section of old bed frame as the top bracket for the diagonal bracing.

Few things set the tone for a yard party better than a well used picnic table.

Now I have an excuse to buy a used belt sander


  1. Sanding the top and benches looks like a good project for a teenage boy and a buddy or two. Stack of sandpaper and a few 2x4 sanding blocks would keep them out of trouble for a few hours. Builds muscle and character. (I always knew a job was going to be bad when my Dad would pull out the "It'll build character" line)

    1. Kubota's idea of sanding the picnic table is tying it to the bumper hitch of his truck and dragging it down five miles of dirt road.

      Unfortunately, that apple did not fall too far from the tree.


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