Friday, April 13, 2018

...paved with good intentions

I have a nephew named T.J.  He just turned ten.  He likes to read.  Money is tight in T.J.'s family.  That is the kind of challenge that uncles rise to.

I went to and started buying and shipping books to T.J. ERJnephew, scholar.  I did not think to alert my brother or sister-in-law.

Not having a solid grasp of his interests, other than knowing that he likes animals and being outside, I sent a hodge-podge of books:

I also sent American Boy's Handy Book and Uncle Shelby's book of ABZs.

Alas, the first two books were shipped without any reference to me, the buyer.  Furthermore, they had pictures of natives.  Under-dressed natives.  Heck...naked natives.  Some of them were wimmins.

T.J. found those pictures speedy quick.  My sister-in-law was sure that T.J. was being stalked by a pervert. 

The arrival of the third book had an insert identifying me as the buyer and they breathed a sigh of relief.  Now my sister-in-law previews the book with a felt tipped marker in hand and makes wardrobe adjustments and everybody is happy.


  1. Nekked wimmins pictures in a nature guide on snakes?!?! Wow! Never would have thought of that one.

    1. You know, Anna Conda, Boa Constrictor, Blue Racer, Py Thon...Big City types...all as skinny as dental floss.


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