Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thank-you, Al Gore

Climate is what you expect.  Weather is what you get.

All pictures by the beautiful and talented Mrs ERJ.

The Captain's pond.  November 4, 2015.  Three days of +70 Fahrenheit in a row.  Are you thinking what I am thinking?
A tad brisk but doable.
G-G-G-golly.  The deeper I get the cooler it becomes.
After coming back up, Mrs ERJ said, "I am not sure I got that.  Can you do it again?"
So down I went for a second time.
"Whaddya mean, you aren't sure you got it that time either?"
Underwater for a third time.  "What!?!?  You still aren't sure?"
"Now just a ding-dang minute.  You had me go underwater three times and you still aren't sure you got a picture?  Let me look at that camera."  Off-stage, unladylike chortling.  I love that woman!


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