Saturday, November 21, 2015

Changing weather

What a difference a few days makes.

A few days ago I shelled out beans for seed.

A pleasant day to sit in the sun and shell beans.  This bucket is of Garden of Eden beans.
This bucket is of purple pod beans.  There are several varieties of purple pod pole beans on the market but I suspect they are basically the same cultivar and renamed for marketing reasons.  These beans out yielded the Garden of Eden beans by a wide margin.  I will definitely grow these again.
The seeds of the purple pod beans are a pale buff color.
Relative yields of the two beans.  The one on the left are the purple pod variety, the dish on the right is Garden of Eden.
I still think the Garden of Eden beans are beautiful, but the purple pod beans are better at paying their rent.

This morning

You can see the garden bench in the center of the photo.

Looking in another direction.


  1. If I hadn't grown up here in MI, waking up this morning would really have been a culture shock. It was beautiful though. And not all that cold, relatively speaking. Warmer days next week.
    Out to sit in the woods again tomorrow, Friday night got out, and lucky for me, I got back. So, from one perspective, a successful hunt.
    Also, God showed me how powerful He is with a gorgeous sunset. That is why I hunt.

  2. Yeah, buddy! First snowfall. It's time to take out the shotgun and track bunnies.


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