Tuesday, November 24, 2015


One of Kubota's classmates died yesterday.  It was unexpected.

This is Kubota's first encounter with death where somebody he knew, talked with, ate lunch with and joked with.  Kubota's emotions have been all over the map.  Part of what is clobbering him between the eyes is that every time we talk to somebody might be the last time we see that person in this mortal sphere. 

The young man was not one of Kubota's best-buds, but everybody knows everybody else in a class of 175.  The school administration had extra counselors in for grief counseling for any who might want it.

Part of me is very selfish.  I am glad it was not one of my children even as my heart goes out to the parents.

I am listening to "old" music;  Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and some Windham Hills instrumental music.  It helps.

Give your closest an extra hug tonight and make it last an extra half second.


  1. Condolences to Kubota, and of course for the family of the deceased.

    I like walking though old cemeteries It's a peaceful place of reflection. One thing I've always noticed, even from a young age, is that I could find someone younger than I who had already made the trip beyond the veil. It's a sobering realization that's better learned earlier than later.

  2. It is always sobering when first confronted by death of a peer. It happened to me at about 19 years of age. Within just a couple of years, I lost 2 female classmates, one a cousin, to auto accidents.
    Shocking to say the least. And also, a huge wake up call. At the age of 20, I was in a very bad auto accident of my own. Broken back, pelvis, numerous different owies, cuts, etc.
    I had found God at an early age, but didn't realize there was anything else to it. I knew I was forgiven, and saw His hand in protecting me from things that my peers were involved with, but did not come from a family who had a church background and therefore, did not attend church myself.
    After the car accident, I felt as if God had taken me by the back of the neck and said, it is time to wake up, life is short, you need to realize that you are just drifting. And so I did. I attended a, gasp, Baptist Church locally, and soon felt the need to go to Bible college, which I did.
    I went for about 1 year, when circumstances caused me to have to stop, but I learned so much in that time and in my studies on my own, that I will be eternally grateful for that wake up call.
    Life brings about so many changes. I am so sorry for Kubota that this lesson comes so soon, but I have learned that so very often the lessons that seem the most bitter at the time, turn out to be the greatest blessings in the end.
    I wish to leave one thing for everyone that has been my greatest help, that I learned in all of my studying of the Bible. It is something that many will hate, and many will discount. I used to memorize scripture. Of course, all the popular different verses that everyone has heard over and over. But also complete passages, even entire books. I one time memorized the entire book of 1 John. It was not easy, but I found it brought about a peace inside of me that I honestly had been missing.
    I have lost much of it today, but I can quote huge portions of it word for word. I am one of those crazy people who like the King James version. I just like the poetry and majesty of the language.
    For those who are hurting, for someone who feels lost or abandoned, I can't recommend enough to try and commit a few verses to memory, especially those about God's love and care. I have found they really help.
    Sorry Joe, I sometimes can't help myself. If God can love a plain ordinary guy like me, I know he loves everyone and I feel compelled to share. I don't mean to get on a soapbox on your blog.

    1. Sir Pigpen51:

      I think it is a matter of time before you are blogging on your own. You have much to say.

      Feel free to use this blog as a "runway" for as long as you need.

      Pixels are cheap. Thoughts are priceless.


  3. You are very gracious and a true gentleman. I am considering a blog of my own. I do thank you for the kind words of encouragement. I am learning much from you and check your blog every day. Thank you.


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