Monday, November 9, 2015

Another day in paradise

A perfect day in Eaton Rapids, Michigan.

Frosty leaves crunch like potato chips.

High bush cranberry glowing in the sun.

By nine, the ice was melting off of the puddles.

But the shadows are still long.
The neighbors are burning wood.  They are burning green wood.
I got some help putting up the support for the deer stand.

The first one is always hardest. It is secured with guy lines and bracing.
One side project is to snake this Black Locust pole out of the woods.  I have a neighbor with a barn floor that is caving in.  The plan is to use this as cribbing.
Fifteen inches at the butt and fifteen feet long.  My best guess is that this "pole" weighs 820 pounds.
This is a crappy picture.  I put rounds beneath the log to act as rollers (or at least reduce the friction).  I lifted and pulled using a 2" tow strap.  I really was lifting with my legs.  I wrapped the strap over my hips just above the back pockets of my jeans.  I cannot leg press 400 pounds on a weight machine because of the depth of the cycle.  But I can lift 400 pounds up with my legs the last 4 inches.
The log is now within a few feet of the fence.  My neighbor can snag it with the tow strap and drag it the rest of the way out with his truck.

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  1. I admit I have been lax in my hunting preps. I just went out and sighted in my borrowed rifle tonight. It is a Rem. 710 in .243 win. with a Bushnell 3x9 scope.
    A utilitarian rifle, graphite stock, 100 grain Remington corelokt express bullets. I was shooting about 5-7 inch groups at 150 yards, which for me is quite acceptable. This was stabilized on the side of a small sapling, standing up.
    I am not confident enough to shoot any farther than that, so that is what I sighted in for, but I am hoping to not have to shoot even that far. I have heard all the stories, but I doubt most of them here in MI. I do have a deceased brother in law who would shoot 400 to 500 yard shots and make many of them, but he would often miss, and I think that is poor sportsmanship, and unfair to the animal.
    It seems as if the weather will be nice Sunday, so good luck to all, and especially stay safe in the woods, and on the roads.


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