Thursday, November 26, 2015


One of the high points of today was the Grace shared by one of the dads.   This is one portion of it, as best as I can remember.

"For most of us 'Thanksgiving' is a time to remember.  In the modern sense, the opposite of 'remember' is 'to forget'.  'To forget' is passive and it is easy to slip into thinking 'remember' is passive.

An older meaning of 'remember' has the opposite as 'dismember'.  Dismember is anything but passive.

Consider the Jewish nation at the time of Christ.  It has already experienced several diasporas and would would experience more of them.  They were beaten militarily.  They were dispersed.  Scattered.  Assaulted and torn at by secular pressures and cultures. As a nation and a people they were 'dismembered'.

And yet they 'remembered'.  They healed.  They came back together.

Thanksgiving should be a time when all families do this.  A time when we heal and come back together."

Great job on saying Grace, Mark!


  1. My heart filled as I really considered what this really meant. Thank you, Joe, and also thank you, Mark. Prayers for our families and prayers for Israel, as she is always under attack from without and from within. May God protect her until His return.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.