Saturday, November 28, 2015

A slow day

Not much to report.

The first couple of trusses are on the deer blind and a concrete anchor poured off the southwest corner.  A ten foot piece of 3/8 inch diameter rebar costs about $2.50.  It is hard to imagine more tensile strength for less money.

Belladonna and I were going to go deer hunting this morning.  She asked to sleep in,  just a little bit.  She woke at noon.

Southern Belle will be joining us around Christmas.  I thought we were going to have conflict over use of the Malibu.  But if Belladonna sleeps until noon she won't be driving the car until after one.  Sharing the car might be a non-issue.

Kubota is keeping his spirits up by watching Adam Sandler movies.  The First Fifty Dates and Mr Deeds are decent movies.

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