Sunday, September 21, 2014

Overage Fees >8-(

The ERJ blog will be very light for content for the next few days.

We are into "overage" fees with our Internet Service Provider.  We pay about $90/mo for 20G.  When we exceed 20G we pay $10/G.  Of course they very helpfully offer package upgrades.

Kubota and Belladonna both got new (for them) phones this month.  They both downloaded "apps" to personalize their phones.

In the case of Kubota it has been absolutely impossible to convince him that even if he paid for a song or other content that *I* must pay to have it delivered.

So rather than get bled to death I turn off the router.  That makes it a little tough to write the kinds of essays I like to write.  To wit, an essay with between 2 and 5 links that the reader can follow to either verify my story or to enrich their understanding of a given subject.  Sometimes it takes me a while to find a specific image that I remember seeing in earlier travels about the web.

Mrs ERJ cheered me up by dragging me to the local public library.  She has a card!  I/she checked out Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago.  You cannot beat a Russian author when you are feeling a little sorry for your self.  The Gulag Archipelago has been on my book bucket list.

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