Thursday, September 4, 2014

A new blog added to the blog list

If everybody is thinking exactly alike then there are a whole bunch of people who are not thinking.   - attributed to General George S. Patton

A Little More Sauce

From the  very beginning I have been concerned about the tight of focus in the blogs I have on my blog list.  We all share a viewpoint a bit to the right of our country's electoral center-of-gravity.  We all know the importance of packing our own parachutes and we live-and-breath personal responsibility. 

The advantage living in a small puddle is comfort.  The disadvantage of living in a small puddle is the risk of becoming too self-referential.  Since the beginning I have been looking for a blogger who is a freckle to the left of me.  I was looking for an author is articulate and who is honest enough to unequivocally state their values and the basic assumptions that serve as their launching pad. 

I want to read about their thinking.  I do not want to read a stale regurgitation of Robert Gibbs blaming George W. Bush.

This new guy publishes about one essay a week.  It is well reasoned and substantial.  You know where he is coming from.  I find myself agreeing with about half of what he writes.  Regarding the parts I do not agree with, the quality of his reasoning and writing can easily stand on their own.

And, in the event that I become a embarrassment to him personally, I promised to remove him from my blog roll any time he requested.


  1. Very worthy endeavor to try to find a "slightly to the left" person. Unfortunately, in my never humble opinion, there is no such a person. The left is a liberal FIRST. Being slightly against the Constitution of the United States and our capitalist system - IS the same as being against it. Taking others property with the power and force of the governemnt in the name of "helping others" is still stealing. Slightly left? No such person exists. It's like being slightly pregnant.

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  3. Hello Nik:

    I appreciate that "Liberal thought" is usually an oxymoron. A typical "Liberal's" MO is to feel first, then rationalize.

    Accurate triangulation requires sufficient distance between the two points from which an event is observed. Much can be learned by reading the comments ;-)

    One can always ignore writers who cause too much distress.

    Best regards and keep dealing


  4. Interesting, and you're right we DO need to know what the other side is up to...