Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weight control

Weight gain:

I got on the scale this morning.

I gained 3.5 pounds in the last three weeks.  This is not good.

Less of this and more bananas

Yellow Jackets:

The boys asked me to spray the yellow jacket nests behind the basketball back board.  So I mixed up a right stout batch of Sevin and blasted it up their backside (the yellow jacket's, not the boy's).  Imagine my surprise when an enormous, black, hairy bug with claws and an 8" wingspan erupted from behind the back board.

OK, it was a bat, not a bug.  Apparently, they do not like cold jets of liquid blown up their knickers.

Sweet cherries:

I have calls out to some of my friends.  While mowing I noticed that about 1/3 of the sweet cherry crop was on the ground.  The racoons and possum found the tree.  There are still about 7 gallons of cherries on the tree.  We will see if any of my friends can bend their schedule on short notice.  I suspect the racoons and possum will finish the tree off tonight.


  1. Momma grows muscadines and blueberries. The racoons are fat and contented. We get our share, they get theirs. You do know that barbequed raccoon is a fine meal?

  2. Around here we troll for roadkill.

    Tie a set of bed springs to the trailer hitch and drive down the shoulder of the road. Throw the bed springs on the bonfire. Remove when they smell done.