Monday, June 24, 2013

Rabbits, wear-and-tear,


I identify with Farmer McGregor.  The rabbits found my cabbage transplants.
Before rabbit

After rabbit
I have some rabbit medicine and intend to be waiting for them tonight.  I reload shotgun shells and I believe in keeping things simple.
1 1/8 oz #6 shot and 25 grains of Unique.  A winning combo for 110 years.

And, if all goes well
Invite a rabbit to join you for breakfast!

Wear and tear:

I am raising hob with my clothing as I relax during retirement.  I went to Yee-Old-Big-Box store and laid in a supply of shorts and pocket Tee shirts.

Shredding of fabric panels.  Tearing them up more in two weeks than in 6 months of work.
 I am currently looking for good deals on shoes and boots.

Time commitment:

My wife raised a concern that blogging might absorb too much of my time.  So far, I have invested 11 minutes in writing today's blog.

Have a great evening!

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