Wednesday, June 12, 2013

An excellent Optometrist

I am in the final, downhill slide toward retirement. I am getting all my medical stuff squared away before we flip to another medical insurance and restart the deductible.

My first appointment of the day was the Optometrist. He apologized for being late, even though I thought it was well within what I am used to at doctor's offices.

Then he volunteered that the previous patient was a High Power Rifle shooter and wanted his glasses optimized for the sights on his AR-15. The patient brought in both rifles (in cases) and the doctor did his optical magic.

I told my optometrist that most doctors are not 'cool' with guns, that they often see them as "agents of death".

"Not here." he replied. "My job as a doctor is to take care of my patient's needs. He just made my day a little more interesting."

I asked my optometrist if it would bother him if I spread the word about his attitude. He said OK.

So...if you need a firearm friendly Optometrist, give Dr. Richard T. Carrigan at a call (517-485-2213)

Tell him Joe sent you.

PT Update:

Road work     Push-ups    Sit-ups

I gave myself a mulligan because I gave blood today.

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