Friday, June 28, 2013

Total Firearms

Rainy day in Michigan.

I took my two daughters to Total Firearms in Holt, Michigan.

I called ahead.  They advised that I bring ammo.  They also advised that they really wanted them to shoot 100 rounds through a 22 LR before graduating to bigger stuff.

Mr Rick Burroughs very patiently walked them through the plan.  Rick has been training new shooters for 40 years.  He has the patter down and knows what questions they will ask before the trainee does.  He was unfailingly calm, patient, explained things clearly and emphasied safety.  I highly recommend Mr Rick Burroughs as a trainer for new shooters.  He took everything in stride with nary a hiccup.  Not everybody can graciously accommodate left-handed, right-eye-dominant shooters with overly protective dads.

Oldest daughter and Mr Burroughs getting started

Close-up of oldest daughter making holes in paper.

Two dazzling smiles.  Happy campers on a rainy day.  Range was seven yards.  They were shooting a Ruger 22/45 (Mark III).  The guy to the left was shooting a Glock 45.  Guy to the right was shooting a Springfield Armory 40 S&W.  I am very proud of my girls for being able to concentrate with the heavy boomers going off while they were shooting.
You don't suppose these girls are competitive.  Do you?

Then back home to the mother-ship for cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing.
There are few situations that cannot be made even better by the liberal application of sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and love.

We will be back.

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