Saturday, June 29, 2013

PT update: June 29, 2013

I went for  a long run today and it kicked my butt.

The temp was about 65 F.  The dewpoint was about the same.  My glasses fogged up repeatedly.

Total run was 8.5 miles + an additional half mile cool down.

My electrolyte was Peach-Mango-Lemonaid.  Yum!

I saw 4 vehicles, two other joggers !!!!! and a bicycle rider.

I uploaded a very short video clip because photos cannot do running water justice.

My run took me across three streams.  This is the prettiest sounding one.

I think that is water cress growing under those dead branches.

Main branch of the Thornapple river.  The water is about 18 inches deep.

Turn around point.  The Eaton Township Hall.

One advantage of running an out-and-back is you can stash your electrolyte bottles and lighten your load quickly on the way out.  If you have not guessed, I treat long runs as a series of 3 mile runs.

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