Thursday, June 13, 2013

Search and Destroy lists

Search and Destroy:

The most casual form of agriculture is to disadvantage plants and animals you don't favor and give advantage to plants and animals you do favor.

I go on periodic Search and Destroy missions.  I will target a particular species for each S&D mission.  Looking for just one species makes my search more efficient.  My choice of target species is usually directed by its stage of growth.  Most plants are vulnerable to herbicides when they are extending their flower heads.  Kind of like bucks in rut, their defenses are down and they are single minded in their quest to reproduce.

Early to mid-June is a prime time for S&D missions.

A quick photo montage follows.

Public enemy #1, Poison Ivy

It is  not enough to just squash the bad actors.  You need  replacements to step into the vacuum.  Here are three of choices that will compete tooth-and-nail for the ecological niche that Poison Ivy fills.

A better choice, Virginia Creeper.  Great wildlife habitat and super fall color
Close-up of leaves.  Five is good....just like five fingers on a hand

Even better are hops.  This is Centennial which is the primary hops used in Bell's Two Hearted Ale

Best choice, Grapes!  Steuben is a cultivar that has enough vigor to hang in there.


I consulted with Nik over at Nik's Poker Palace on ways to make my blog more attractive to readers.  He highly recommended adding pictures of attractive, horny females.  He said that adding 'eye-candy' tripled traffic on his blog.  So I went and took some pictures of horny females frolicking on the beach.  Clicking on a picture will enlarge it.

The horny one is on the left

You have to love athletic girls!

Add a few young-uns to keep it G-rated.

PT Update:

Road Work       Push-ups       Sit-Ups

Walked a mile with my youngest son and two miles with my lovely bride.  No problem on the push-ups.  Managed 20 sit-ups.

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  1. In these latitudes, five leaves means Poison Oak. Just as bad as poison Ivy.

    Rouhd-Up is your friend.