Monday, June 24, 2013

Eaton Rapids Summer Solstice and Full Moon Gala

Everybody was there.

All good blow-outs should last for a week.  The Romans were on to something with Saturnalia.

86 degrees US.  Dang close to 30 degrees C (C for Canadian, or so we are told).  99% humidity.

It is commonly understood that sheep are easier to handle as a group.  The minimum size group that makes sheep (a species for which the common noun is plural) comfortable is 4.  A severe test of a herding dog is for it to try to manage 3 or 2 animals.  Even Babe the Pig could hardly manage a single animal.

Young teenagers are similar.  They are easier to manage in flocks.  Three youngish teenagers are easier to manage than a single teen.  They are much like sheep...Discretion requires that I stop developing this paragraph.

Pictures from the bash.....everybody who was anybody was there:

Everything is cool here at the Yacht Club.  What can go wrong?

Everybody in!

OH CRAP!!!    I think a Snapping Turtle bit me on the belly button!

Dude!  Get me out of here.  Medic!

This is a Coleman Sundowner tent.  Awesome execution.  I like that the fly extends farther over  the front and rear openings than most of the competition.  It is also very attractively priced.  I will stay in and sip fine sippin' goods.

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