Sunday, June 9, 2013

Exercise Program

Publishing a plan is a way to stay honest.  Putting it out there plants the seed in my head that I could get "called out" if I slack off.

So here it is:

Road work:

  • Walk three miles every other day, preferably with my wife or one of my kids.
  • Run five miles on the days I am not walking.  That is, run five miles every other day.  I have to work up to this.  I ran three miles with my 23 year old daughter yesterday and it about killed me.  She made me run up-tempo so my hope is that I might be able to go the entire 5 miles if I run within my true capability.  I will report out later.

Strength work:

  • Fifty push-ups a day.  Note I did not say "...all in one sitting"  or " one set"  I will be happy if I can knock out 5 sets of ten over the course of my waking hours.  I will need some kind of counters because I will assuredly lose track.  Pennies have worked for me in the past.  My goal is to be able to work up to knock all fifty in one sitting.
  • Fifty sit-ups a day.  I hate sit-ups.  This is the one I dread.  Same deal as with the push-ups.
Just to share a frame-of-reference of where this will put me when I can actually knock out 50 PUs and 50 SUs in one set, U.S. (Military) Physical Fitness Charts for Males Age 52-56

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  1. You're doing good. My Dad was career Air Force and a golden glove boxer. He was doing Nautuis 3 times a week until he was 90. After a stroke (he had elevated cholesteral and blood pressure his whole life, even living as healthy as possible) he switched to swimming and light weights at home, but he works out, STILL six days a week, only taking Sunday off for church and a big breakfast with friends.

    If you find a Military Fitness Chart for women in that age group with a big Potato on the cover send it to me.