Friday, June 28, 2013

2013 Rainbow clan gathering

Imagine a town of 30,000 people springing up in your zipcode overnight.  Imagine that town has no infrastructure, no tax revenue.  Also imagine that many of those 30,000 have a very "flexible" understanding of the concept of private property and less understanding of personal "camping" hygiene than your average Haitian.

You have a Rainbow Gathering.

The natives are not impressed.

My understanding is that the locals intend to support the increased demand for public services via bake sales.  Previous efforts in other locations were hampered by theft of baked goods.  Rumor has it that the most popular recipe for these bake sales involves blueberry muffins that have their shelf life and mouth feel enhanced via an undisclosed amount of lactose.

Locals are also investigating a technique for improving the longevity of small engines by purging the alcohol from gasoline.  The actual method involves partially filling a 5 gallon gasoline container with gasoline and then adding water to bring it up to the 5 gallon mark.  Diffusion of the ethanol into the water is accelerated when the five gallon container is left in the sun.  Most recent calculations by the Montana School of Mining and Petroleum are that the gasoline should be ready for separation by July 21.

My expectation is that you should be able to get a good price on VW Micro buses by mid-July in Southwest Montana.

Tell them "Joe" sent you.

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