Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Wellness Wheel

The Wellness Wheel is an idea that helps me picture ways of balancing my life.

An image query on "Wellness Wheel" generates hundreds of responses.  The one pictured below works for me (copyright Eaton Rapids Joe)

As a newly retired guy, I see my biggest short term imbalances in Community, Physical and Emotional.

The spokes of the wheel are what holds it together. 

Good habits include an exercise plan I can live with....and sticking to it.  It includes having a three week menu, buying those foods and sticking to the plan.

Structure are my standing obligations;  Doctor and dentist visits, regular participation in my church and in social organizations.

Organization is having a place for everything and making sure everything keeps migrating toward its proper home.  Wendell Berry once observed that you seldom see people carrying things any more.  His memory of his youth was any time a person was locomoting, they were carrying something.  It may have been scraps from the table to the chicken coop and then carrying eggs back on the return trip to the kitchen.

So far today I ran three miles with my 23 year old daughter.  She kicked my butt on the hills.  Then we went to garage sales where I bought a step ladder.  Then we picked up my wife and youngest son and we had a nice lunch.  And every time we swung by the house I rotated the laundry and hung the larger items on the line outside.


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