Monday, June 30, 2014

Red Squirrel, Update One

It looked like the aftermath of a bar fight.

The needles were scuffed up.

The cavity box was knocked over.

Only one of the nine peanuts I salted the box with were still there.

I think it was mugged by raccoons.

I set it back up and tied it to the trunk of the tree.

I suspect that I will need to make a box with deeper cavities or with baffles near the top to defeat the peanut thieves.

This is why we test all things.  Unanticipated failure modes will announce themselves.  It is also why quick and cheap test set-ups are essential.  It is too easy to fall in love with a concept when you have too much emotion invested in it.

Updates will continue as more information becomes available.

I might as well start on another box.  I figure it will have exterior dimensions of 24" tall by 12" wide but only have two cavities.


  1. Against union rules.
    Nor can I breath-lizer, blood or urine test

    You might check with Paw-paw. He has a game cam. Lucky guy.