Saturday, June 7, 2014

One Year Anniversary

I retired one year ago.

I wrote the first entry in this blog one year ago.

From that first entry:

This is my first day of retirement.

Writing a blog is one of the items on my bucket list.  Like many, I see blog writing as a way of keeping family posted on the minutia of my life.  Writing can be therapeutic as long as I am mindful of my audience.  My final reason for authoring a blog is the hope that I may bring a little joy to those who cannot get outside and must experience the God's nature vicariously.

I sought advice from one of the wisest bloggers I know. Pawpaw's words of wisdom were:

"Write every day, something that amuses you, infuriates you, or something you wish to commemorate or remember.  I use the blog to remember recipes, to remember when I did something that I blogged about (Like installing a pool), or to pass information to the family.  The important thing is that you write every day if possible.  Don't worry about hits, don't worry about advertising, just be yourself and write about what interests you."

I think I am doing OK.  I published 659 entries in my first year.  A few of them were solid essays.  A few of them had really good photos.  Most of them were a simple trail of bread crumbs on the ground, marking my path.

Perhaps more than anything I appreciate the comments.  I apologize for not being great at following up (not everybody can be as good as Brigid).    OldNFO gets the hat-tip for being the most prolific commenter.  Thanks OldNFO.

And a special thanks to all of the bloggers who are listed in the Right Sidebar.  Your writing has entertained, cheered and educated me.  My life would be much poorer had you not acted on your desire to share your lives via your blogs.


  1. I try my best to make the rounds. If you're willing to write, the least I can do is come read... I'm not retired yet, which does tend to cut into my reading time... sigh

    1. I think your comments motivate more bloggers than just me. We all have different missions. I think you are doing yours very well.