Monday, June 23, 2014

Buying Smokeless Powder On-line

Some of my readers share my addiction to sending small objects out-bound at high rates of speed.  And no, I don't mean hitting golf balls.

Smokeless powder is one of the components used to reload ammo.  Supplies of smokeless powder have been spotty.

hi-techammo has CSB-1 on sale, four pounds for $80.

Scroll about half way down THIS page.  Shipping and HazMat charges apply.

More information about CSB-1 powder HERE.

hi-techammo advises the use of Hodgdon Universal loading data for CSB-1.  Universal burn rate is between Alliant Unique and Alliant Power Pistol. 

Also, Graf's has Re-15, limit four pounds.

Good hunting!


  1. You are welcome. Some people really like that Re-15. They use it like hot sauce....they put it in everything.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.