Tuesday, June 3, 2014


The grass grows.  I cut it.  Today was the perfect day for mowing.

I noticed June Bugs in a storage tub that was near the moth trap experiment.

You can see the wheel of the lawnmower that was holding up the moon.

Protein!  I hear they are pleasantly crunch when deep-fat fried.  According to Peter Carrington, you want to be sure to pull off the legs before eating them because they are very difficult to remove when they wedge between your molars.
This tub has much taller sides than the kiddie swimming pool.  I do not know if my ducks are eating the evidence or if the taller sides (and darker interior) is more effective at catching bugs.

To be continued.....


I have been the proud owner of a Samson C01U microphone for about three years.  Last night I plugged it in and started messing with it.  It is a little weird.  It has two gain values.  It records mono but cascades through R and L in the software.  Having either gain set to zero turns the mike into a paperweight.  It took a few minutes to figure that out.  My long term goal is to set it up at the edge of the pasture at daybreak and record the birds.


I saw my first hummingbird today.  They may have been here much longer but today was my first sighting.

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