Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fishing Tackle

I bought Kubota some fishing tackle today.

Kubota, historically, has not taken good care of things.  Generally, it has been my things that he has not taken good care of.

Kubota lives in the here-and-now.  Planning ahead and finishing things after the pay-off ends is a skill he is still acquiring.

What cool kids do

A new shop opened in town.  It is Big Daddies Bait N Tackle. Big Daddie has kid charisma.  All of a sudden, fishing is what all of the cool middle school kids are doing.

Kubota did not have the hardware to run with the big dogs.  And it really bothered him.

I must admit, with all honesty and humility, that I am an awesome river fisherman.  I spent several, girlfriendless summers distracting myself via the pursuit of various piscine species. So being a great fisherman is not so much a gift as a consolation prize.

Let me re-phrase that, at the time it did not seem like a gift because I had not met Mrs ERJ.  Little does she know that we would never have met were it not for smallmouth bass.  Obviously, this is not bragging, it is merely explaining how I became a gifted river fisherman.

Back to Kubota

Kubota grumbled all of the way to Charlotte.  He wanted to know what errand I was dragging him along on.

He warmed up a bit when he found out that at least one of the items I was shopping for was for him.

He ended up with his very own 5'6" medium action spinning rod loaded with 12 lb-test line, a see-through tackle box (what the cool kids had), a collection of hooks, sinkers, bobbers, Beetle-spins, grub bodies, jelly worms and Little Cleos.  We also picked up about a pound of 1/2" nuts to use as sinkers and a new collar for Zeus.

I dropped about $90 on the trip but it was well worth it.

On the way home I shared one of the little tidbits of information I picked up during those girlfriendless summers:  Girls and fish share certain characteristics...where you fish and what you use for bait goes a long way toward determining the species you catch.

I have done almost no fishing since I "hooked up" with Mrs ERJ but that might be changing if Kubota is actually serious about catching fish.

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