Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dragging brush, Burning brush

Graft some apricots with scionwood donated by Craig Ledbetter.  They have very catchy names like 1394, and 1395.

Drag brush.  Drag more brush.  Keep dragging brush.  Throw brush into gulch.  Try not to step in poison ivy.  Get tired. More brush. Too tired to care about poison ivy.  Keep dragging brush.

Go home.  Drag brush.  Toss on burn pit.  Knock down old dog house.  Toss on burn pit.  Try to start weed whacker.  Sweat.   Burn brush.  Drink a beer.  Drink another beer.

Oldest daughter visiting from Baton Rouge.  She is a dynamo.  Dang, she makes me work.

I was supposed to run today but could not find time.   Maybe tomorrow.

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