Thursday, June 12, 2014

Michelle and Jodi

Michelle and Jodi are a couple of my favorite people.  Whenever I see them they have a couple of jokes for me and I try to save up and have a couple for them.

They told me about a construction crew that would visit various work places.  I am not sure what they did but suspect it involved roofing or HVAC for reasons that will become apparent.

The office workers noticed that whenever this crew came on-site that all of the candy dishes would be emptied.  Either one/several of the workers had a real sweet tooth or somebody was too cheap to buy lunch.

Then, one day, the worker who was diabetic started a candy jar.  It was filled with mostly gummy bears and such.  One characteristic of sorbitol and mannitol is that, although sweet to the taste, the human body cannot digest them.  That means they hit the large bowel unreduced in energy content.  Within the vast biome of the large bowel live many, many bacteria that love to digest sorbitol and mannitol.  At the price of much flatulence. 

Bets were taken as to whether the culprit could make it to the bottom of the ladder without darkening the crotch of his trousers.

Michelle and Jodi were laughing much too hard for me to catch the end of the story.  I cannot tell you if the culprit(s) had to drive home in ignominy or not.

Candy for diabetics, a good thing to remember if one of your office-mates is a hog around the candy jar.

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