Friday, June 13, 2014

Fun in Digital Media

Belladonna shared a link with me.  Being as I am a blogging ho, I am sharing it with you.

Bella took a class in Digital Media.  Six of her friends turned in this composition, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles take Eaton Rapids, for their final. 

Most of this video was shot in a little park that is right next to the downtown.

One of the things that caught my eye is that they captured much of the essence of Eaton Rapids.  Eaton Rapids is an old industrial town.  It was founded on a place on the Grand River where water power was easy to implement.  Early industry included the manufacturing of yarn.  All of Babe Ruth's home runs were hit with baseballs made with Eaton Rapids yarn spun from the wool of locally raised Corriedale sheep.

The video is about ten minutes long.  It starts a little bit slow.  You might pop it open and check it out if you like green grass and trees, placid rivers, old orange brick factories, civil behavior by villains and heroes alike, and young guys just goofing around.

---Full disclosure---
Not everybody in Eaton Rapids is this buff.  Most of Belladonna's friends are athletes.


  1. Looks like they had fun with that one... :-)

    1. Yes they did.

      I know that I can be an old, sour-puss but one thing that concerns me is that many of these kids think that there are beau coup paying jobs in media. Two of the top ten in the Eaton Rapids graduating class plan on professions in "media".

      One of my friends was laid off from a radio station. His final gig involved 17 hour days, a typical day of 200 miles of driving his own vehicle and being on-call during the weekend. He said anything less did not involve a living wage.

      One other commentator tied the demise of local media to social media. Thousands of people are generating content for free, guys like you and me. Why would anybody pay (advertising) when more and more people are getting their news from Facebook, Twitter or high-end bloggers?

      And looked like they had fun.