Monday, June 24, 2024

Hitting the ground running

What are the differences between snails and slugs?

That is a question that came via email.


In a nutshell, a slug is a snail that has been drinking tequila.

Some of the local talent on Giant Foxtail before they head off to the Holiday Inn.


Ain't science wonderful?



About 60 open-pollinated G.935 seedlings. Since the mother branch was grafted into a tree of Trailman and they both flower at the same time and have the same shade of flowers, it is a good bet that Trailman is the papa.

Do I have a breeding goal? Not really although it would be cool to have a free-standing, precocious, semi-dwarf apple root-stock that can survive -45F.

The roots were very fine and thread-like and they carried their own rootball.


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