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Guilt by association

A quick review of the concept of "Guilt by Association" or "Birds of a feather flock together".

If a small group of people act together and commit a felony then they are all guilty of a felony. The driver of the get-away car. The "look-out". The safe-cracker. The fence.

Any one of them could have stopped the commission of the felony either by withdrawing their skills or support or by "ratting".

When somebody breaks into his Granny's house to steal her pain meds and he does it when Granny is home then it is reasonable to assume he intended to "shut her up".

If four people are breaking into Granny's house, then all four of them are guilty of home-invasion.

The tricky part

In some jurisdictions if one of the perps dies...he falls through a painted-over window or the home-owner shoots him, it is considered a First Degree Murder BUT the other parties participating in the commission of the felony are the ones who are guilty. Think about it. The small party planned the crime (premeditated). The deceased party is dead. He would not have been dead if his "friends" had not been participating.

In the West, we have been very wealthy and we can afford jurists who argue about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. They split the hairs exceedingly fine as they wring the concept of individual guilt of every last drop of juice.

The concept of Guilt by Association comes with certain efficiencies. If times get tough we won't have the luxury of splitting hairs or counting angels. 

Home invaders and squatters are not owed warnings or the benefit of the doubt. Being pushed out of your house is an existential threat in most of North America if there is no place for you to go. Things like climate, access to clean water, insects and so on. Home invasions and squatting are not victimless crimes.


  1. I'm buying stock in rope companies.

  2. As harsh as it sounds but from my experiences in EMS supporting fire department and Police locally. We see plenty of "accidents" that stink of revenge.

    The family of the troublemakers will be kept an eye on also. Any action beyond apology and restitution will be treated harshly once 911 stops being an option.

    I don't do feuds.

  3. I habitually 'carry'. I will NOT defend honor, sensibilities or miscellaneous 'stuff'. Please do not threaten my protectorate, those whom I have a sacred obligation to defend. At Some Point, the insured, replaceable, extraneous metric will no longer be valid, and life will change.
    These are the good old days,
    A little East of Paris

  4. Looks like Fulton County GA DA does not like felony murder.
    A poorly written article from which I surmise the second suspect had charges dropped even though he was involved in the attempted armed robbery which went sour.
    Could he have been unaware of his cojogger’s intent to rob the victim….maybe, but on balance probably not:
    Original story indicates Coleman was the wheelman and “A search of court records revealed that Coleman has a lengthy arrest record dating back to 2011.”

    1. A search for Alton Coleman turns up an infamous serial killer from the midwest executed in 2002....related, coincidence or a deliberately chosen AKA ....?

  5. There is a luxury in the legal system of time and resources. Ecclesiastes 8:11 becomes a standard the criminal expects. When the peace isn't maintained by the "professionals" but by the victims, capital punishment standards are lowered. The pendulum swings...

    1. When the Troubles arrive (no Law), capital punishment crimes will expand exponentially.

  6. You are absolutely right. That being said the raid on the farm fits the very definition of "pre meditated murder". Let's not kid ourselves. The conspired to commit an armed home invasion with what sounds like 100% illegal firearms. There was a reasonable expectation of violence, which is why they brought overwhelming force and pre planned the assault. You don't do things like that, then turn your prisoners over to the cops.

    I think it was the right thing to do, and I would have done it myself. When the law can or will no longer protect , than screw the law. In the world of the story, might makes right. At least in the eyes of the bad guys. The good guys need to be willing to act like bad guys sometimes. Otherwise, you and everyone you love is on the many

    Vigilante justice is effective, and frankly, just what the doctor ordered in this case. I would have have planned along those lines from the beginning. The mission was to go do bad things to bad people.

  7. Hi Will
    Not sure of your definition of murder, mine generally limits it to the wanton and frivolous taking of human life.
    Defending property from bad guys isn't murder.
    The firearms sound like some you could go purchase today in most free states.
    They didn't conspire to commit a crime, then acted in self defense.
    You might have good grounds in the garage tactics but " I like it."
    Self defense and preservation of your tribe goes even further back than the Constitution

    1. Hi back!

      I'm talking about in the story. To be clear here, I'm not saying it's wrong what they did. As a matter of fact, I agree with and stated that I would have done the same thing.

      Al that being said, let's remember the story line here. The government has basically instituted martial law. They have federalized all law enforcement, and stated that all firearms were to be turned in. Go back, and re read the story. When martial law is imposed, there is no such thing as a constitution. There just isn't. Law comes from the barrel of a rifle held by an agent of the State. Really not much different than now, except the pretence of caring about "rights" is done away with.

      None of that changes the fact that this group of people (who the powers that be would call "religious extremists") went outside the law (functioning or not) and took care of business. Again, I agree with this, and would do the same. My agreement with this doesn't change the fact that, in the eyes of the State, this entire op would qualify as premeditated murder.

      Remember that the fedgov definition of "conspiracy" is two or more folks talking about a "crime".. look it up.

      I entire point is: be willing to do bad guy stuff to bad guys, just like Judah Maccabee. If you're going to do goon shit, than do it all the way. In for a penny, in for a pound. Exterminate everyone there and leave no living witnesses. Better for you that way

    2. It could be argued that deputy Canina, having been deputized after quitting the force, was working within her authority to bring the miscreants to justice. Since there were no sworn officers available, she recruited and trains volunteers for backup.


  8. Hi again,
    All good points, thanks for the clarification.
    I always wonder, in these situations you will eventually find children.
    I have seen drug children born in the bathtub and raised with no legal standing, unknown by the State.
    They would not be salvageable.

  9. Found on the internet:
    Power does not come from voting.
    Power comes from the bed of a Toyota Hilux.


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