Thursday, December 29, 2016

Recalibrating: Wants and Needs

Tub's Island, Martiny Lakes, Michigan
Few things will recalibrate your perception of what are "wants" and what are "needs" more efficiently than a camping trip.

It is a decent hike to the convenience store.
If you cannot find an island to camp on, then camp in your backyard or at granny's
The best camping trip is "primitive" camping.  Leave the Keurig and Starbuck's gift cards at home.  Channel your inner French Canadian voyageur and drink tea.  Or drink instant coffee from the same cup that held your oatmeal, the same cup you will use to hold the water when you brush your teeth.
You might have to make concessions when you have kids.
At least once a year pick a campsite that is not within easy walking of a "commissary" or ice cream joint.

Are you annoyed by your neighbors and family "back home".  Well, bless the black flies and mosquitoes because your neighbors won't seem nearly so bad when you go back home.

Beer is proof that God loves man.  Whiskey (in plastic bottles) is proof that God loves campers.

Not being able to find anything to eat because nothing in the house appeals to you is a symptom that you have become "Appetite driven".  Appetites are wants based.

Gnawing on the dry rind of a stale bagel is evidence that you are nicely transitioning to a "Needs based" perspective.

There is even value in camping in a travel trailer.  It shrinks your footprint.  It moves you toward the mode of "thinking ahead" instead of "another quick trip to Big-Box store".

You will know you reached the goal when you are happy because you are Warm (enough), Dry (enough), your Belly is full (enough), your bed is comfortable (enough) and you enjoy the people you are with.

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