Sunday, December 18, 2016


Pear budded on EMLA Quince A

Apricot flower buds

Milkweed seeds
Hazelnut catkins

Fruiting spurs, Pear

Fruiting spurs, Apple


  1. Joe! I signed on this old computer, and in looking through the links, found your blog was still active. I know you are being cautious, which is good, but I am glad to have found you are still around. I hope this finds you and yours well. Much has happened this year, has it not? Some of the big changes for me are that I was awarded social security disability for chronic daily migraines and other various and sundry conditions. I had been working part time as a maintenence man in a trailer park, fixing plumbing and painting and rehabbing trailers, mowing lawns, etc. Now I am actually just starting on my journey of volunteering to help others as much as I am able. My wife and I donate what we can, and facilitate by taking things like food and clothes, etc. from those who have to those have not, but need transportation of the things. I also spent some time deer hunting with my son this year. He shot a 6 point during early bow season, I didn't shoot anything, but I did love my time with him. I have also finally been able to count myself among those who own a 1911. I have been saving for a long time, and was finally able to buy one. I have not shot it yet, but that will be coming soon. Of course, not much has been happening on the political front this year, right? I am not at all surprised at the outcome of the election, but I am disappointed at the reaction of those on the side which lost. I cannot remember such anger or out and out vitriol in the American people, and I was alive during the 60's and the Vietnam war. I will let you go for now, but I do wish you and your family the absolute best Christmas holiday possible and may we all enjoy a peaceful and prosperous New Year. Tim

    1. I am glad to read that things are getting better for you and your wife.

      We live in interesting times.


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