Saturday, October 20, 2018

Follow-up post on using nets to defend against drones

Reader B pointed out in comments of the last post that weights were needed to ensure the nets had enough elevation and fully deployed.

The picture in my head is of something like a CO2 cartridge that is pre-scored  and holds the compressed net within. The package is shot out of a shotgun with a rifled barrel to impart a spin. At the desired elevation, a chip-and-charge detonate and the sides of the CO2 cartridge unzip to become the weights that spin out the net.

The important thing to notice here is that she draped some of the net weights over her left shoulder. Those weights will have much lower velocity than the weights she is slinging out and will impart a spin.
I suspect the offensive drones have to be fairly low elevation to be effective. Filling the air with nylon chaff or confetti up to 60 meters of elevation is not an impossibility given the right equipment set.

Electric Fence Report

The electric fence was snapping this morning indicating an air-gap jump.

It helped explain Herc's seemingly irrational behavior last night. The line for the dog run is on the pasture side of the house. I suspect it was snapping last night and I did not notice because of the background noises.

Herc certainly noticed. He wanted nothing to do with going out on that line and doing his business. Earlier this fall he had gotten "whacked" by the fence while I was fiddling around in the pasture snipping away vegetation that was leaning on the wire.

Old Pavlov was right.

The short was easy to find as it was snapping more than half the pulses.
Key features to notice: Slug on yellow insulator, barb in close proximity to the post, carbon trace on edge of insulator. Carbon trace increases conductivity and shortens arc gap.

The root cause was a slug that had crawled up the post and partially bridged between the wire and the post.

I tried to fix it by snipping off the barb. For whatever reason, the insulation on the handles of the tin snips was not up to the task and the "poke" convinced me that there was a less painful way to temporarily fix the problem.

Attempts to dislodge the slug were unsuccessful. He was cooked in place.

I rocked the post over to the right so the barb was not as close to the post. That will do for now.

"No Problem"

A certain young man of my acquaintance went to his boss and informed him that he needed to leave work an hour early because he wasn't feeling well.

His boss said, "No problem."

The next week, the young man left early two more times.

Each time his boss said, "No problem."

The third week the young man blew off a scheduled work shift.

On the fourth week, the young man was surprised to learn he wasn't scheduled for any hours. 

When asked, the boss said with a shrug of his shoulders, "You don't work here any more."  There was no emotion if the boss's statement.

Telling me about it, the young man was distraught. "He said it wasn't a problem!"

I had no success explaining to him that a boss saying "No problem." when you ask to leave is his way of telling you that he doesn't find your contribution essential. And that is never a good thing.

"Real life" ain't like high school.

Guess the gender of the cooks

Friday, October 19, 2018

Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon
A good tactic is one your people enjoy

 Play in loop mode for maximum effect. I have time. Just do it.

I am sure Hellen Reddy would be awestruck by what 50 years of relentless empowerment of women has wrought: Complete paralysis based on something that might, maybe, have almost happened decades ago. Go ahead. Watch the video again.

Eugene Stoner, on the other hand would not be disappointed.

Do you suppose conservatives can use those rules?

All girls like to feel pretty



$100,000 houses do exist

1080 square feet
1400 square feet
1400 square feet
2200 square feet
1800 square feet
For those who think $100,000 houses are a myth. This is what they look like in Eaton Rapids.