Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Phenology report

Brome grass is pollinating. Last year it was pollinating on June 13.

Multiflora rose is in full bloom. This is a good time to go on search-and-destroy missions for this plant.

Raspberries are almost done. Pollinating insects and parasitoid wasps like Rubus species like raspberries.

Most of my grape varieties are pollinating at 570 GDD b-50. The Riverbank Grape, V. riparia was pollinating ten days ago at 460 GDD b-50.

Most of my grapes show evidence of Downy Mildew.

I picked up my cabbage plants from Hastay's greenhouse. The seeds were planted May 15.

Rain predicted for three of the next four days.

Bonus picture of a grafted Butternut. Nothing special about the scion. I just wanted some butternut trees on the property and they can be grafted onto Black Walnuts.


  1. Why are you trying to get rid of the multiflora rose?

    1. It spreads aggressively. The thickets are almost impossible to walk through or by. The canes are almost fifteen feet long, arch over and root. The thorns are not the sharpest or longest thorns but they are plentiful.

      The flowers smell bad; not as bad as chestnuts, hawthorn or Bradford pear...but the same kind of sickly, off smell.

  2. I wonder if it would grow at 64 degrees North? We're zone 2, and don't have any good hedge plants.

    1. 64 degrees North. I stand in awe!

      Do you need thorns for your hedge?

      Rosa rugosa is one of the hardier rose species. It suckers and is densely thorny.

      If don't need thorns there are some Ribes species that get close to Zone 2 capable and Gooseberries do have thorns.

      There are a couple of kinds of hawthorn recommended for North Dakota https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/trees/handbook/th-3-79.pdf They might struggle to get much height in your location.

      There are rafts of apple cultivars that are grown in Alaska, including on the river plains of Fairbanks. Trailblazer is one of those cultivars. It could probably be pruned as a hedge but won't stop a moose.

      Good luck!

  3. Oregon says hardy to Zone 5, so I'm out of luck. Still no hedge plants.