Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Seven Fat Cows 2.9: Homeless in Minnesota Part II

Bart spent the night in one of the smaller shelters. It was a church “common room”. Mattresses were pulled out of a storage room and spread out on the floor with barely enough room to walk.

Forty men shared two bathrooms. More than half of them had colds or flu. Bart was not the only person hacking and sneezing though-out the night. Nobody noticed that Bart’s mattress had acquired additional pinkish stains. Bart’s stools were stained red with blood.

Bart left before breakfast. Breakfast was served after chapel and Bart was hungry now. He went to the shopping mall and hung out at the food court. He cadged dollars to buss tables. Of course, he slipped half eaten sausage sandwiches and handfuls of hash-browns into his pockets and ate them in the lulls between waves of diners.

Later, Bart snoozed at benches and couches put out for shoppers convenience. Security would usually prod him to move along but today Bart was itchy and could not get comfortable. He tried several different benches in various parts of the mall but was unable to get comfortable.

When he went back to the food court at lunch, security would not let him scavenge food. He looked like a freak from a horror show. The left side of his face was a massive hematoma as body fluids leaked into the spaces between his skin and fat and muscles.

He left the mall and walked a block to a fast food restaurant. He would get lunch there. He went to the trash dumpster and started to root around through the bags but he just didn’t have the energy. Thinking he just needed a nap to get his energy back, he went behind the dumpster and spread cardboard on the ground. Then he covered himself with more cardboard for blankets.

The garbage truck that came the next day did not see his corpse. The hydraulic arm reached out and snagged the grab-bar. After emptying the dumpster it dropped it back into place, crushing Bart’s head.

Bart’s remains were found when the recyclers came to pick up the cardboard. They called 9-1-1.

The ambulance crew took multiple, digital photos and sent them to the coroner. The coroner was overwhelmed and would do a “drive-by” cause-of-death. He would undoubtedly write “exposure/hypothermia” into the appropriate space.

Bart was cremated in all of this clothing. He did not even have a wallet.

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  1. But yet . . . I'll bet Bart leaves a legacy.
    (no popcorn, not after that scene)

    1. I am willing to bet money on it.

      Point being, America is not homogeneous. There are some sub-communities that are beds of tinder for future epidemics.

      And the mattress is a gift that keeps giving. An epidemic can smolder for a very long time.

      How would they ever find it?

  2. Nit: hematoma. Story just took on a spooky feel.
    Popcorn's done. Just switched to tequila...