Monday, January 28, 2019

Seven Fat Cows 2.3:

The joint CDC-FEMA quick response team had a very strict set of protocols for this scenario.

The Emergency Room was closed to new patients due to “a sewage line leak”.

Patients that were still in the pipeline were not discharged until after they had been given the vaccine. They were not even told what it was.

Caregivers in the Emergency Room were vaccinated.

Caregivers from the prior shift were told to put their clothing into a plastic garbage bag and take a hot, soapy shower before coming back to the hospital. They were told that their jobs were contingent on doing so. They all came back and were vaccinated from the rapidly dwindling supply of vaccine. Four day’s pay were automatic added to their next paycheck.

Then the tedious task of contacting the ER patients who had cycled through the ER during day-shift began. The patients who had been sitting within one bench of the deceased child were were identified from video, chased down and vaccinated.

All this in spite of the fact that everybody knew that Ebola is not airborne.

The problem with the protocols was that they had been created by administrators. Some of them had served in Emergency Medicine but it had been twenty-five years since they were on the sharp end of the stick. They had gotten very good at telling other people what to do and had forgotten many of the details that made execution difficult.

In all, the heavy-lifters did a phenomenal job.

The two details that slipped under the radar was that the child had a cold and was coughing and sneezing, spewing billions of tiny globules of bloody mucus and saliva into the air. The reason Ebola was not spread by air-borne means was because Ebola rarely triggered sneeze-and-coughing reflexes. The same could not be said about the colds that were sweeping through central Minnesota.

The other detail was the seventy-plus John Does that had filed through the ER before fanning out across the city.

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